What does the installation of a ventilation system entail?


The installation of a ventilation system is a necessity for almost all homes. In order for the system to be adapted to the particular conditions and needs of each home, it must be installed by a competent ventilation professional under the requirements of the Québec Construction Code.

The ventilation system of a standard new home is composed of:

  • A heat recovery ventilator (HRV). It is used to extract air from the house as it simultaneously draws in fresh air. In winter, it recovers the heat from the air extracted from the house projected outdoors in order to transfer it to the air drawn into the house. Air is usually extracted from bathroom(s) and fresh air is brought into the living room, bedrooms and rooms that are closed on a regular basis.
  • A range hood to expel cooking fumes directly outdoors.
  • A stand-alone bathroom extractor that is used to extract humid air from showers and odours from the toilet. A stand-alone extractor is used when bathroom air is not extracted by an HRV.
  • A network of ducts that makes the air flow between the ventilation equipment, the rooms of the house and the outside. Rigid and airtight ducts are advisable because air flow


Source: Energie et ressources naturelles Québec

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