Advantages of a forced air system

Whether it is a system powered by oil, electricity or gas, the principle of forced air heating is basically to suck air from the house through a fan and then filter it and heat it. This hot air is then distributed in the air duct network of the house. This type of heating is very popular and here’s why:

  • An electronic central control that allows to regulate the temperature at the level of each room, and even remotely from your cell.
  • A very short waiting time to reach the comfort temperature.
  • A filtration device, and perhaps even HEPA type (anti-allergenic), that will sanitize the air you breathe in your house. The network of air ducts are incorporated into the walls of the house and thus occupy no space in the habitable part.
  • An outside air intake may or should be part of the installation as well as a vent from the stale air.
  • Dual-energy operating possibilities such as electricity/gas, or oil/electricity.
  • A well-balanced relative humidity of the house for maximum comfort throughout the year.
  • The forced air system can also be converted to distribute cold air, allowing air conditioning during the summer season.

Admittedly, we can mention the disadvantages which can be summed up by emphasizing the space that this type of system alone requires, as well as the entire network of distribution and return ducts in the walls of the house; the fan that can sometimes be noisy if the installation is not adjusted; and its maintenance once a year and the replacement of the air filter.

Anyway, the forced air heating/air conditioning system gives us excellent home comfort.

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