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Changing your habits can really pay off! If you lower your thermostat setting by 1 degree Celsius for the whole winter, you could knock 5% off your yearly heating expenses. Do you really need to keep the temperature as high …

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Is the sharp rise in energy costs reason enough to want to replace your heating system? The answer is no: there are many other factors to consider before deciding on a costly switch. There is a lot to be gained …

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  Did you know that you can knock 25 to 35% off your heating bill by replacing your furnace with an Energy Star approved high-efficiency heating system? Replacing your furnace and thermostat = appreciable savings! A new furnace can save …

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Air leaks and cold drafts account for up to 25% of a home’s heat loss. If a detached home has air leaks and drafts, it’s like leaving a window open 5 cm for the entire winter. Fortunately, caulking is a …

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Your heating system is the greediest household appliance when it comes to energy consumption. This system alone is responsible for an average of 60% of your annual energy bill. The initial reflex in trimming its appetite is usually to improve …

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The heat pump is an electrical device that transfers heat from one place to another. A heat pump can serve as both a heating and air conditioning system. Some heat pumps can also provide hot water for your home. With …

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Forced air systems Warm air furnace The same, comfortable temperature for every room in your home. Forget about dry air, temperature extremes between rooms and waiting for a room to slowly warm up. These issues will soon be a thing …

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1. Even in the case of a power outage The oil heating system guarantees that you will be heated even in the case of power outages. It can be restarted using a small generator that can be hooked up quite …

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To reduce your energy consumption and maximize the energy efficiency of your heating appliance, not to mention for your general safety as well as that of your family, it is your responsibility (and strongly recommended) to have a qualified technician …

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