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Ventilation allows you to keep the interior of your home comfortable and maintain good indoor air quality. It also contributes to the health of the home’s occupants. What is the purpose of a mechanical ventilation system? A mechanical ventilation system …

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Breathing clean air at home is a guarantee of better health! In today’s modern houses, with their increasingly airtight envelopes, what can be done to ensure indoor air is continually refreshed? By venting stale, moist air to the outside and …

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Inadequate ventilation inevitably generates excess humidity caused by showers, baths and cooking. Excess humidity inside the home can cause many problems such as condensation on the windows, the premature deterioration of the home and the proliferation of mold which is …

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When a house is not equipped with a mechanical ventilation system, the quantity of fresh air entering it is largely unpredictable. New construction techniques and materials are able to make houses more impervious, resulting in the need for good ventilation. …

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  The installation of a ventilation system is a necessity for almost all homes. In order for the system to be adapted to the particular conditions and needs of each home, it must be installed by a competent ventilation professional …

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A thorough duct cleaning done by a professional duct cleaner will remove dust and debris—pet hair, paper clips, children’s toys and whatever else might collect down there. Ideally, the inside surface will be shiny and bright after cleaning. Duct cleaning …

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