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Why ventilate?

Ventiler ventilation system

When a house is not equipped with a mechanical ventilation system, the quantity of fresh air entering it is largely unpredictable. New construction techniques and materials are able to make houses more impervious, resulting in the need for good ventilation.

A badly installed ventilation system or one incorrectly used by an occupant can lead to excessive humidity (the syndrome of the “stuffy” house) as well as condensation problems with the windows during cold spells.

Depressurization – Unregulated ventilation can lead to serious problems. The occupants of a house often share their fresh air with bathroom and laundry room fans, and kitchen hoods. When more air exits a house than enters it, a natural phenomenon occurs by which the ensuing reduction in pressure could cause an emanation of toxic gasses from inside the house if the heating/air-conditioning system is not properly sealed.

You can increase the ventilation or air circulation in your house in three ways:

  • Heat-recovery ventilators
  • Fans and ceiling fans

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