Maintaining your air conditioner to enjoy it the healthy way

During summer, intense heat can be difficult to tolerate, especially in urban areas. Air conditioning can thus be useful to make a more pleasant atmosphere in our homes, if it is used right. It’s therefore necessary to take certain precautions.

Avoid extreme changes in temperature

Ideally, your body should not undergo changes of temperature greater than 8°C between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Greater changes in temperature can result in feeling ill with sore throats, nasal drip, headaches, dry eyes and muscle cramps. Keep a careful eye on the temperature of your air conditioner to respect a difference of no more than 5°C to 8°C with the exterior, as recommended. You will avoid several unpleasant symptoms and do something good for the environment.  Plus, consider keeping a sweater or a scarf in your car or your office to cover up. That will prevent you from being too chilled and feeling the effects of the outside-inside temperature change too greatly.

Stay away from cold drafts

Sleeping in direct contact with air conditioning is the best way to wake up with an awful sore throat or painful crick in the neck. Exposed to the cold air, your neck may, for example, get stiff and lead to significant muscular contractions. It’s best to avoid exposing yourself directly to cold air. If you do not have central air conditioning, it is preferable to place your air conditioning unit (window unit or portable) in a room that is adjacent to the bedroom. If that is not possible, you can also refresh the room during the day and turn your machine off at night.

Maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis

Often, health problems linked to air conditioning are due to poor maintenance of the machines. A simple way to prevent respiratory illnesses related to air conditioning is to respect a rigorous maintenance of the installation (filters, conduits, etc.). Certain infectious agents, such as legionellosis bacteria, can proliferate on the insides of air conditioning systems. Follow your air conditioner’s maintenance tips attentively or refer to a professional who will be able to clean your equipment.

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3 thoughts on “Maintaining your air conditioner to enjoy it the healthy way”

  1. I liked what you said about making sure to not go through sudden changes in temperature. I have been wondering why I usually feel weird in the summer since I constantly go from really hot outside to really cold in my house. I will be sure to let it be gradual so that I don’t end up doing anything crazy for my health. I think that we actually need to get our system checked as well, since it’s been a while.

  2. Thanks for pointing out how relying to a professional technician to maintain your AC unit can help you avoid infectious bacteria on your air quality. My youngest kid has had a long list of respiratory conditions throughout his childhood. I certainly do not want anything that can trigger his conditions, so I will be sure to work with an AC technician to have a look at our system every now and then to make sure that there aren’t any contaminants in our air.

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