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Do I have to change my heating system?

Is the sharp rise in energy costs reason enough to want to replace your heating system? The answer is no: there are many other factors to consider before deciding on a costly switch.

There is a lot to be gained by approaching the problem from different angles before you give the green light to replacing an existing system—all the more so if that system still works perfectly well.

In short, there are many ways to lower high heating costs. It’s possible to modify, replace or even convert an existing heating system. There are also ways to keep heat in, and keep cold air out.

Every option comes with an immediate cost and an approximate timetable for achieving optimum cost-effectiveness. This is why we warmly (pun intended) recommend that you take a wider look at the situation rather than rushing ahead with a costly choice that may well be the wrong solution to your problem.

Would you like to know the energy efficiency of your current system? At Pétrole Pagé, we like nothing better than to share our energy expertise. Call us!

Source: CAA-Quebec


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