Eight good reasons to heat with fuel oil


1. Even in the case of a power outage
The oil heating system guarantees that you will be heated even in the case of power outages. It can be restarted using a small generator that can be hooked up quite cheaply.

2. Plenty of hot water
Oil-fired water heaters heat water in record time, that is, about twice as fast as gas water heaters and five times faster than electric water heaters.

3. Health benefits
Oil-fired forced air systems constantly filter the air you breathe. They make it possible to appreciably improve the air quality of your home, thus favouring the wellbeing of respiratory tracts, allowing you and your family to breathe easier.Â

4. New technology
Today’s modern oil heating systems achieve efficiency ratings of 85% and higher. This means that they efficiently conserve energy for your greater comfort. Modern oil burners are equipped with flame retention heads and represent an excellent choice for energy conscious buyers. They produce 40% more energy than older generation burners for an equal consumption of fuel oil. In addition, their mode of functioning prolongs the longevity of your oil heating system. New wall exits (no chimney) can be quickly installed and only require limited space.

5. Safety
Fuel oil is non-explosive: An invaluable safety advantage as well as an important factor for peace of mind.

6. Quick service
Thanks to our automatic delivery service based on outdoor temperatures, you are assured of an uninterrupted supply. No need to worry about how much oil is left in your tank, we see to it that deliveries are made on time. And, whenever you do need us, we guarantee you exceptional personalized service regardless at what time of the day or night you call.

7. Looking ahead
Fuel oil is made from a natural resource, and worldwide petroleum reserves guarantee an abundant supply of fuel oil for the century ahead.

8. Good for the local economy
We strongly believe in building the economy of the Greater Laurentians Region and company profits are reinvested into the region.

Fuel oil: a perfectly reliable complement
The fuel oil industry differs from the electricity and gas monopolies by the fact that it operates in a free market environment. This provides Quebec consumers throughout the province with a real advantage: access to an economical, reliable and high-quality energy source, in certain cases, in a complementary role to Hydro-Québec. For instance, in peak demand periods due to extreme cold weather, or when natural disasters occur, our industry has traditionally played a crucial role at critical moments when the hydro-electric grid is unable to meet the demand.