Pools and spas: good habits can make you save!

A pool or spa can be responsible for approximately 70% of your summer electricity bill. Adopting the right pool and spa products as well as good habits will help you save.

Heat pump: the best water-heating option

If you’re planning to purchase a pool heater, choose a heat pump and save up to 75% on water heating costs. A heat pump is more expensive than an electric resistance heating system but the major energy savings will offset the higher price.

• For additional savings, lower the heat pump’s set temperature by two degrees.
• Install the heat pump in an area that gets plenty of air.
• Hire a master electrician to install your heat pump.
• Use a cover to protect the heat pump in winter.

Use a solar cover to lower your pool heating costs

Use a solar cover and save up to 45% on your water heating costs.

• Use a solar pool cover every day, especially overnight and even in warm weather.
• Place the cover bubble-side down, in contact with the water.
• Use a reel for easier handling.
• Lower the temperature by just a degree or two to save approximately 25% on your water heating costs.

Choose an efficient pump and save!

If you’re planning to replace your pump or install a new pool, choose an efficient pump (a two-speed or variable-speed model) and save up to 80% on water filtration costs as compared to a single-speed pump.

• Choose a model of two speed pump that automates the hours at which the pump operates on high and low speeds to facilitate use and maximize savings.
• Choose an ENERGY STAR certified model.
• Ask your pool retailer whether the pump is compatible with your setup (chlorinator, ionizer, ozonizer, heater, etc.).
• When it comes time to install your variable-speed pump, call upon the services of an expert, who can give you personalized tips.

Install a timer to optimize the use of your pump

Install a timer on the filter pump and save up to 45% on filtration costs without sacrificing water quality.

• Choose a timer that is especially adapted to your pool (for at least a 1-HP motor) and rated 15 A.
• If you choose an electronic timer, be sure it can store programming information in case of power failure.

Spa: proper use, lower consumption

Did you know that using a spa just once a week is the equivalent of leaving a 55 inch television on for 24 hours/day for a month? A spa can have a considerable impact on your electricity bill and cost over $500/year. If you don’t plan on using your spa during the winter, remember to shut it off. You’ll save over $250.

• For savings, lower the standby temperature by a degree or two.
• Put the cover back on after each use to retain heat.
• Choose a spa with better insulation and two separate pumps, including an efficient model (with several speeds).
• Choose a rigid, well-insulated cover to avoid wasting the energy required to heat the water.
• Make sure your spa is protected from strong winds and the elements.

Source: Hydro-Québec

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