We hold the key to PAMPERING your furnace!

We know just how to PAMPER, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your heating system is functioning at optimal efficiency. It’s simple! Pétrole Pagé sells, installs, maintains and repairs all types of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, whether you use oil, gas or electricity.

Have you noticed
traces of soot accumulating in your broiler room
or on other components of your unit?

This is a sign that the combustion process is not working properly. Only a professional can help you to accurately evaluate your heating system.

To maximize your heating system’s effectiveness, schedule annual maintenance with one of our technicians. From the savings you’ll gain from this annual maintenance, you’ll quickly earn back any money you spend on the service.

Is your oil tank over
15 years old? If the answer is yes, it’s time
to consider a replacement.

Are you wondering if your system is energy efficient? Do you need help choosing a new, more suitable system? Looking for some money-saving tips? It is maybe time for a system evaluation!